Share your stats with a private link or open them up to the public

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In the "Visibility" area of your website settings, there's a "Shared links" section. This is where you can decide to share your stats privately by generating a shared link. Click on the "+ new link" button to do so. The shared link is secure and impossible to guess by default.

This is useful for specific use cases such as if you want to share your website stats with (potential) partners or advertisers. Or if you're working for an agency or working as a freelancer and want to share the website stats with your clients.

People that you send your shared link can view the stats dashboard without having a Metrimo Analytics account and without needing to log in. They can only view the specific dashboard that you shared and cannot see any other sites that you have added to your Metrimo account.

Shared link with a password protection

You can add password protection to the shared link for extra security. Then people that you send your shared link can only view the stats dashboard if they input the password you have chosen.

If you prefer to share your stats without password protection you can keep the password field blank. Click the "Create shared link" button and your new shared link will be displayed.

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